Jane Fonda said she is prepared 'to get arrested every Friday' for climate change protests
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Actress Jane Fonda says she is prepared “to get arrested every Friday” amid the climate change protests that led to her being detained outside the Capitol last week.

Fonda made headlines for participating in what she called her “Fire Drill Fridays" demonstration, inspired by Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.


Appearing on CNN Monday, Fonda said she moved to Washington from her home in California to take up climate-focused activism after Thunberg organized climate strikes across the globe.

“This is a collective crisis, it requires collective action and so I decided to use my celebrity to try to raise the sense of urgency and I moved to Washington and I’m going to get arrested every Friday,” she said.

Fonda and 15 other individuals were charged with "crowding, obstructing or incommoding" at last week's protest.

Fonda in her interview struck a note of optimism on the climate crisis, saying we “have time and it’s going to require that people in every country all around the world organize and mobilize and if necessary bring governments to a halt if we can’t make them do the right thing.”

“It wouldn’t have to be this radical and fundamental if the fossil fuel industry hadn’t lied to us for 30 years,” the 82-year-old actress said. “If we had started doing what needed to be done 30 years ago it could have been an incremental transition away from fossil fuels, and now this is an urgent crisis and we have to move very very fast.”

She said the protests will continue for at least the next 14 Fridays.