Jane Fonda arrested for second time in climate change protest
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Jane Fonda has been arrested again during a climate change protest just steps from the Capitol.

The "9 to 5" actress was seen Friday with zip ties placed on her wrists by U.S. Capitol Police during a demonstration outside the Library of Congress. 

A Capitol Police spokeswoman told ITK that, in total, 17 people were arrested for "unlawfully demonstrating," and charged with "crowding, obstructing or incommoding."

Fonda's "Grace and Frankie" co-star, Sam Waterston, who was eyed at the Capitol a day earlier, was also arrested during the protest, according to multiple reports.


It's the second time in the past week that the 81-year-old Fonda has been arrested during a climate change protest.

The Academy Award-winner told The Washington Post earlier this month that she intended on being apprehended while protesting in Washington every Friday for the next 14 weeks.

“I’m going to take my body, which is kind of famous and popular right now because of the series, and I’m going to go to D.C. and I’m going to have a rally every Friday,” Fonda said.

“It’ll be called ‘Fire Drill Friday,' " she said. "And we’re going to engage in civil disobedience and we’re going to get arrested every Friday.”

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