Lawsuit accuses Rosario Dawson of transphobic assault

Actress Rosario Dawson was accused Wednesday in a California lawsuit of taking part in a violent, transphobic assault against a live-in contractor who was hired to work on Dawson's home.

NBC News reported that Dawson and several family members are accused of subjecting 55-year-old Dedrek Finley to regular transphobic verbal abuse. In one incident, Dawson's mother allegedly pulled Finley through a first-floor window by his arm before assaulting him on the lawn while Dawson herself prevented him from getting to his feet.


“Once Mr. Finley was lying helpless on the ground outside, Isabel, who is substantially larger than Mr. Finley, got on top of Mr. Finley’s body and began punching him,” reads the lawsuit, according to NBC. “While beating Mr. Finley, Isabel screamed, ‘You’re not so much of a man now,’ which was a clear and denigrating reference to Mr. Finley’s gender identity.”

Dawson's representatives did not immediately return a request for comment on the allegations from The Hill. The actress, 40, is currently dating Sen. Cory BookerCory BookerSenate Democrats reelect Schumer as leader by acclamation  Hill associations push for more diversity in lawmakers' staffs Sanders celebrates Biden-Harris victory: 'Thank God democracy won out' MORE (D-N.J.), a contender for the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination.

Finley's attorney told NBC that "in response to Mr. Finley’s complaints, Rosario would respond to Mr. Finley, ‘You’re a grown woman,’” while other members of the family also are accused of ignoring the alleged abuse.

“As his attorney, we have reached out numerous times to the Dawson family attorney seeking to resolve this before having to file suit," Finley's attorney Tasha Alyssa Hill told NBC News.

“He just wants to get some sort of compensation, so he can get back on track with his life so he can put this incident behind him,” the attorney added.