Percentage of LGBTQ representation on broadcast TV hits record high: GLAAD
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The 2019-2020 broadcast television season has had a record-high percentage of LGBTQ characters, according to a new report. 

LGBTQ organization GLAAD has found that there are 90 LGBTQ regular characters in this season of scripted prime-time broadcast television. That's 10.2 percent of all regular characters, the highest percentage GLAAD has found in its 15 years of analyzing broadcast series regulars. 

GLAAD's "Where We Are on TV" report found an additional 30 LGBTQ recurring characters in broadcast TV. 


The report also found an increase in the number of LGBTQ regular characters in cable TV; there were 215 total LGBTQ characters, comprising 121 regular characters and 94 recurring characters. 

On the streaming programs offered by Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, GLAAD found 109 LGBTQ regular characters and 44 recurring characters. 

In its report last year, GLAAD called on the industry to, by 2020, make sure that 10 percent of series regular characters on prime-time scripted broadcast series were LGBTQ. This year's report calls for 20 percent of regulars to be LGBTQ by 2025. 

“Last year, GLAAD called on the television industry to increase the number of LGBTQ characters and more accurately reflect the world we live in, and they responded by exceeding this challenge,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement.  

“At a time when the cultural climate is growing increasingly divisive, increased representation of LGBTQ stories and characters on television is especially critical to advance LGBTQ acceptance," she continued. "Shows like PoseSchitt’s CreekBatwoman, and Billions demonstrate that not only are LGBTQ stories and characters on TV becoming more diverse, but that viewers everywhere continue to respond with extreme positivity."

The report also looked at the racial diversity among LGBTQ characters. It found a significant increase in the racial diversity of LGBTQ characters on broadcast and cable, but a decrease on streaming services.