Weinstein won't testify in rape trial
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Harvey Weinstein will not testify in his ongoing rape trial in New York, defense attorneys revealed Tuesday.

Variety reported that attorneys for Weinstein rested their case Tuesday afternoon without calling Weinstein to testify and after failing to convince the court to hear testimony from a NYPD detective who was removed from the case after being accused of withholding information from prosecutors.

Defense attorneys had tried repeatedly to have a mistrial declared, and sought to undermine testimony from two women who have accused Weinstein of rape and sexual assault. One witness reportedly called by Weinstein's lawyers was a psychologist who testified about the degradation of memory over time, according to Variety.


Another witness called by Weinstein's attorneys, producer Paul Feldsher, reportedly told the court he believes Weinstein has a sex addiction.

Another attorney involved in a lawsuit against Weinstein reacted to the news in a statement to Variety, claiming that he would seek to cross-examine Weinstein in a civil suit representing three of the dozens of women who have accused Weinstein of various sexual acts without their consent.

“Weinstein may be able to avoid testifying in the criminal trial, but he will not be afforded that right in his civil trials,” Douglas Wigdor told Variety. “I relish the day when I get to cross-examine him and ask him to answer for the wrongs he has committed against so many women.”

Weinstein faces several charges, including rape of two women in New York, and has pleaded not guilty. The former Hollywood producer has been accused by dozens of women of a variety of nonconsensual sexual acts, including rape, accusations that are credited with driving the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements into the greater public eye following an investigation by The New Yorker and The New York Times.

He has maintained that his sexual encounters with women over the years were consensual. He is facing similar charges in California and was forced out of his production company, The Weinstein Company, over the scandal.