Judge warns Weinstein lawyer not to discuss case
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The judge overseeing Harvey Weinstein’s New York rape case has told defense attorney Donna Rotunno not to speak to the press until the jury makes a decision, following a series of high-profile public comments.

The judge's order comes as the jury begins its deliberations — and the week after Rotunno penned an op-ed for Newsweek titled “Jurors in my client Harvey Weinstein's case must look past the headlines,” in which she argues that the former Hollywood producer is being treated unfairly in his case after dozens of women have accused him of sexual misconduct. 

“I expect a fair and impartial jury for Mr. Weinstein and every other American,” the op-ed reads. “I implore the members of this jury to do what they know is right and was expected of them from the moment they were called upon to serve their civic duty in a court of law.”


Rotunno was also featured on an episode of "The Daily" from The New York Times, whose reporters first broke the story that led to Weinstien’s trial and subsequently fueled the "Me Too" movement.

“I would caution you about the tentacles of your public relations juggernaut,” Justice James Burke told Rotunno on Tuesday, according to Reuters

“This is an op-ed about the jury system as a whole, about the criminal justice system as a whole,” Rotunno reportedly responded.

Weinstein faces a possible sentence of life in prison if convicted on the most serious sexual assault charge. He has also been indicted for alleged sexual misconduct in Los Angeles.

Weinstein has denied any wrongdoing, saying all of his sexual encounters were consensual.