Monica Lewinsky sent her well-wishes to Linda Tripp after reports emerged that the woman whose secret tape recordings of her helped spark former President Clinton’s impeachment was close to death. 

Tripp reportedly died Wednesday at the age of 70.

Her daughter, Allison Tripp Foley, had shared in a Facebook post late Tuesday that her mother was terminally ill, according to the New York Post. Her profile was later made private. 


“no matter the past, upon hearing that linda tripp is very seriously ill, i hope for her recovery,” Lewinsky tweeted Wednesday.

More than 20 years ago, Tripp secretly recorded her conversations with Lewinsky about her relationship with Clinton during her time as a White House intern. Tripp later received immunity from prosecution over illegal wiretapping when she handed over the recordings to independent counsel Kenneth Starr and informed him of other details Lewinsky shared. 

Tripp Foley said on Facebook that "My mommy is leaving this earth. I don’t know myself if I can survive this heartache. Please pray for a painless process for the strongest woman I will ever know in my entire lifetime,” the New York Post reported.


Thomas Foley, Tripp’s son-in-law, reportedly said later Wednesday that "Linda has passed on."

Tripp has previously said her only regret about sharing the tapes is that she did not take action sooner to expose the affair.

“I do fault myself for not having the gumption or the courage to do something sooner,” Tripp told an audience in a Senate building on Capitol Hill in 2018 at an event honoring whistleblowers.

Lewinsky is set to be a producer on the third season of FX’s "American Crime Story," which will focus on the scandal surrounding her and Clinton, who was impeached by the House in October of 1998 but later acquitted by the Senate. She has also become an anti-bullying advocate.

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