Willie Nelson to auction off signed face masks to fund more mask-making
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In an effort to raise money to produce face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, legendary musician Willie Nelson will auction off face masks he has signed. 

Local Houston, Texas, ABC affiliate KTRK reports Nelson signed the face masks to raise money after his granddaughter joined forces with friends to produce and donate the critical protective gear.

Tanya Boike, who was at Willie Nelson's performance at the Houston rodeo days before the major event shut down due to the pandemic, and nurse Monica Cabazos started making the masks to help their community, and have reportedly distributed more than 500 masks.


Boike, who is friends with Nelson's granddaughter Noelle Ward, offered a few of the masks to her family, including Willie Nelson.

"They said, 'you know what, we're really good, we're already taken care of, but we would like to donate them or auction them off. How about we sign them and auction them off?'" Ward explained to KTRK.

The auction for the masks is set for April 25, and the funds from the auction will go to helping Boike and Cabazos sew more masks to give out.

"This is going to be so amazing for these first responders and these critical care workers," Boike said. "These guys are going to be able to have a mask and not have to spend a fortune on them." 

Ward said the donation from her grandfather is just "who he is."

"He's just relaxed, he's just giving, he's just got a great smile, and he's just the best," she said.