Houston Astros block World Series ring being auctioned off for coronavirus charity
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The Houston Astros moved Wednesday to cancel the charity auction of a 2017 World Series ring owned by a former scout for the team.

Yahoo News reported that the Astros cited a legal agreement common among MLB teams allowing them to buy back the ring for $1 before its owner can place it on a secondary market.

The move was previously used by the Chicago Cubs in 2017 in a similar situation involving a scout intending to sell a ring. 


Yahoo reported that Wednesday's auction was a charity event intended to benefit coronavirus relief efforts, a fact that the Astros were reportedly aware of before making the call.

Ken Goldin, head of auctions company Goldin Auctions, told the news outlet that the Astros refused to make a donation to coronavirus relief efforts when asked to do so in exchange for the ring, at which point it was returned to a person to whom the scout had co-signed the ring in an attempt to get around the legal policy.

A team charity for the Houston Astros participated in a drive calling for donations of personal protective equipment for first responders earlier this month and donated $400,000 to local hospitals.

The team has faced criticism in recent years due to revelations that members of the organization participated in a cheating scandal involving a years-long effort to relay the pitching signs of other teams to their batters through the use of live cameras, which is forbidden under MLB rules.