Crayola releases 'inclusive' skin tone crayon collection
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Crayola is launching a new box of crayons featuring up to 24 new shades of skin tone-inspired colors for a more "inclusive" way for children to draw and illustrate.

Announced on "Good Morning America," the box is called "Colors of the World" and comes in 24- and 32-crayon versions, with the latter also including "eight classics for eyes & hair." It is set to be available in July but is now available for preorder on Crayola's webpage.

The project is a collaboration with MOB Beauty, said its CEO, Victor Casale.


"Inclusivity should be accessible for all ages and a discussion about diversity should be encouraged in order to foster a sense of belonging," Casale told "Good Morning America." "Whether at home or in a classroom, this collection gives children a greater opportunity to accurately represent themselves through creativity and self-expression."

Casale, who has over 30 years of experience making foundations for global skin tones, conducted rigorous testing on real people to develop the new Crayola shades, he said.

Casale said the project is personally resonant for him.

"As a kid, I had to use pink and brown crayons to try to get my color; it was almost impossible to do," he explained.