Killer Mike urges Atlanta demonstrators to burn 'systematic racism' to ground, not city

Killer Mike, the Atlanta-based rapper and activist, urged people to direct their ire toward systemic racism as violent protests rocked the city on Friday night, leaving several businesses damaged.

Killer Mike said the best way to protest the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed in police custody in Minneapolis this week, was to come up with “real solutions” rather than damaging the city.

“Two of the most effective ways, is first, taking your butt to the computer and making sure you fill out your census to make sure people know where you are and who you are. The next thing is to exercise your political bully power and go into to political elections, and beating up the politicians that you don't like,” he said. 


“We have to be better than this moment. We have to be better than burning down our own homes, because if we lose Atlanta, what else we got?” he added. “I want you to go home, I want you to talk to 10 of your friends, I want you guys to come up with real solutions.”

Atlanta was one of several cities that suffered violent protests Friday in response to Floyd’s killing. Demonstrators set police cars ablaze, damaged several buildings and businesses, and vandalized CNN’s headquarters.

“It is your duty not to burn your own house down for anger with an enemy. It is your duty to fortify your own house so that you may be a house of refuge in times of organization,” Killer Mike said. “We do not want to see targets burning, we want to see the system that sets up for systemic racism, burned to the ground.”