Bryan Cranston reveals COVID-19 diagnosis, recovery
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Actor Bryan Cranston, known for his Emmy Award-winning role in the television show "Breaking Bad," revealed on social media Thursday that he contracted COVID-19 and has since recovered.

Cranston, 64, added that he was donating his plasma after health officials have urged previously infected patients to do so, citing convalescent plasma as a potential treatment for the disease.

The actor in an Instagram post did not mention when he contracted the virus but said it was "quite early on" in the pandemic, adding that he experienced mild symptoms such as a tightness in his chest, headaches and loss of taste and smell.


"I was pretty strict in adhering to the protocols and still ... I contracted the virus," Cranston wrote.

He recorded his announcement while visiting the UCLA Blood & Platelet center in Los Angeles, where he donated plasma for COVID-19 research and use.

While he was donating plasma, he filmed himself watching the 1957 film "A Face in the Crowd," starring Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal.

According to the UCLA Donation Center's web page, those who have had the virus and wish to donate plasma for the cause must give "after being completely well with no symptoms for at least 14 days."