Florida man sues McDonald's after allegedly chipping tooth on McNugget
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A Florida man is suing McDonald's for over a million dollars after allegedly chipping a tooth on a chicken McNugget.

The man, Alexei Stolfat, received his food from Uber Eats from a West Palm Beach McDonald's, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

He said he felt pain in his mouth and suffered from headaches for three days after biting into a bone in one of the chicken nuggets.


Stolfat reportedly discovered that his tooth was cracked in two places and would require surgery.

A representative from McDonald's could not provide further comment, but a spokesperson for the chain responded to the Sun-Sentinel.

"Providing safe, high-quality food is always a top priority," McDonald's said. "We take these claims seriously but as this is pending litigation, we cannot comment further at this time."

Stolfat said he is seeking $1.1 million dollars and a recall of all McNuggets "to avoid massive consumer injuries."

He said if he wins the legal battle, he will donate $1 million to charity.