“Saturday Night Live” poked fun at the final presidential debate during its cold open, with Alec Baldwin reprising his role as President TrumpDonald TrumpHarry Reid reacts to Boehner book excerpt: 'We didn't mince words' Man arrested for allegedly threatening to stab undercover Asian officer in NYC Trump says GOP will take White House in 2024 in prepared speech MORE and Jim Carrey as Democratic nominee Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden eyes bigger US role in global vaccination efforts Trump says GOP will take White House in 2024 in prepared speech Kemp: Pulling All-Star game out of Atlanta will hurt business owners of color MORE

The parody debate kicked off with an introduction from Maya Rudolph as NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker, who moderated last Thursday's event, saying: “It is the honor of a lifetime to moderate the second and, ‘Praise Jesus,’ final presidential debate.”

“Tonight we have a mute button, because it was either that or tranquilizer darts, and the president has a very high tolerance for those after his COVID treatment,” she continued.


Moments after, Baldwin’s Trump and Carrey’s Biden appeared on the stage.

It wasn’t long before Carrey took his first shot of the night as Biden, asking seconds later, “How's this mute button work? Do I just haul off and slap him in the mouth?”

“No, Mr. Vice President. We’ll take care of that on our end,” Rudolph said.

“Are you sure?” he responded, saying he thinks everyone wants "to see [him] do it."

“Oh okay, really. You think you’re some kind of tough guy because of all that money from China?” Baldwin’s Trump shot back.

“Ah ah ahhh,” Rudolph warns as Welker, pointing to the mute button. “I’ll push it. I’ll push it. It’s not connected to anything but I will push it.”


During the parody debate, Baldwin’s Trump often referred to Welker with the wrong name and, at one point, referred to her as a waitress.

“Mr. Trump, I'm the moderator, not your waitress,” she responded.

“Okay, just some waters then,” he went on.

Kate McKinnon also made an appearance as Rudy GiulianiRudy GiulianiGaetz hires legal counsel amid DOJ probe Georgia lieutenant governor: Giuliani election claims helped lead to new voting law Rep. Lee Zeldin announces bid for New York governor MORE, first with her back turned in a suit making gestures with her hand.

“Huh? What? No, it’s not what it looks like,” she says, turning around. 

“My microphone was stuck ... . Is this another Borat? You gotta tell me if it’s a Borat.”

The cold open also covered the former vice president’s mention of BidenCare during last week’s debate, with Carrey explaining as the former vice president, “I have a plan. It's called ‘BidenCare.’ It's like ObamaCare, but... Biden.”

Toward the end of the debate, the candidates were also asked what they would say to Americans who didn’t back them at the polls.

“Well, if they didn't vote for me, I guess I'd say, 'hola,' ’’ Baldwin said as Trump.

“I'm good old Joe. I'm reliable as a rock. I got a five-star safety rating. I'm ranked best mid-size in my class by J.D. Power and Associates,” Carrey added as the Democratic nominee.