K-pop fans took to Twitter to protest the planned pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday by posting pictures of pancakes.

The trend started when actress Shea Depmore told her followers on social media to utilize the hashtag #MillionMAGAMarch and post images of the food rather than attending the rally to counter-protest.

"Make yourself some pancakes or find yourself a good stock photo and fill the hashtag #MillionMAGAMarch with syrupy goodness," said Depmore. "Someone please inform the K-pop stans."


K-pop fans responded to the request by flooding the rally hashtag with pictures of the breakfast food, overtaking other content related to the rally in support of President Trump.



"Shout out to the incredible K-Pop Stans (Twitter royalty) who hijacked the #MillionMAGAMarch hashtag with pancakes making it unusable by Trump loyalists," one Twitter use wrote.

Others made their own goodies to post with the hashtag for the challenge.

Still, some users on Twitter held back from participating in the challenge, with one Twitter user writing, "Seriously, though, if the MAGA folks want to march, let them march. They have First Amendment rights like everyone else does. Ignore them and leave them alone."

It is not be the first time K-pop fans have come together to flood Twitter hashtags. This year, the fanbase protested posts that included hashtags such as #whitelivesmatter and #BlueLivesMatter, drowning out the tags with their own memes.

Supporters of the president are gathering in D.C. Saturday in protest of last week's election outcome, after President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenCarville advises Democrats to 'quit being a whiny party' Wendy Sherman takes leading role as Biden's 'hard-nosed' Russia negotiator Sullivan: 'It's too soon to tell' if Texas synagogue hostage situation part of broader extremist threat MORE was projected to win the presidency. Major news outlets did not call the race for several days, as the race remained close in multiple states, before releasing their projections.

Trump has not conceded the race and his campaign has carried on legal challenges in several states, though his team has faced a number of setbacks in court.

On Saturday morning, members of the far-right group Proud Boys were seen gathering in the District ahead of the afternoon rally.