NBA's Jarrett Allen gets creative to continue annual Thanksgiving charity event during pandemic

Brooklyn Nets guard Jarrett Allen got creative this year in an effort to continue his annual Thanksgiving charity event amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to USA Today, for the past three years Allen has hosted “Meals + Math,” bringing children to a grocery store in Brooklyn and helping them pick out enough items for a Thanksgiving meal by providing them with $100 gift cards and tips for shopping on a budget.

This year, Allen hosted a Zoom call to work with the students on budgeting for holiday meal shopping list. The students were with Children of Promise, an after-school program and summer camp for kids who have a parent who is incarcerated.


“We had to almost pretend we were at the store on the Zoom call,” Allen told USA Today. “The Children of Promise and the proctors over there handled it amazingly. They helped the kids every step of the way. It was almost like we were at the grocery store again.”

Allen told USA Today that he couldn’t consider canceling the event knowing the kids probably faced more hardships this year.

“I can’t imagine not being able to see one, if not both of my parents. So for me, being able to help the kids, bring smiles to their faces and bring joy to their lives, that has brought me a lot of joy,” Allen told the news outlet.