Washington Football Team investigation uncovers decade-old confidential settlement: report
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Dan Snyder, the Washington Football Team's owner, is reportedly fighting to keep details of a sexual harassment settlement involving his team out of public view after it was uncovered by NFL officials investigating the team's history of such cases.

The Washington Post reported news of the settlement Monday evening, as well as news of Snyder's reported plans to intervene to stop any information from the settlement from being made public. The names of parties involved have not been released.

David Donovan, the team's former general counsel, is reportedly also involved in the efforts to stop the NFL's lead investigator, Beth Wilkinson, from disclosing details about the lawsuit, and sued her last month in an attempt to further those efforts.


In an emergency motion Monday, Donovan indicated that Snyder would intervene in the interest of “asserting privilege and privacy or related interests over information that is under seal.” 

U.S. Magistrate Judge Ivan Davis reportedly granted the emergency motion, according to the Post. Both Donovan and Wilkinson declined to comment to the newspaper.

The Washington Football Team announced earlier this year that it would hire outside attorneys to investigate allegations of an inappropriate workplace, an investigation which the NFL took over in August.

“Recently, The Washington Football Team launched an independent third-party investigation into allegations about our culture and incidents of harassment,” Snyder said at the time.

“In conversations with commissioner Goodell, Tanya [Snyder] and I suggested that the NFL assume full oversight of the investigation so that the results are thorough, complete and trusted by the fans, the players, our employees and the public. I appreciate commissioner Goodell agreeing to our suggestion and the entire Washington Football Team remains committed to fully cooperating with all aspects of the investigation," he added in August.