An unnamed White House staffer unexpectedly broke out in song on Wednesday evening to announce over the briefing room intercom that a lid had been called for the night. 

"A travel photo lid! Lid, lid-lid-lid-lid-lid- You have a travel photo- you have a travel photo lid! Enjoy your night!" the disembodied voice of the staffer sang and giggled as members of the press waited for official word that there would be no more major news coming out of the White House for the day.

CNN's Jim Acosta posted a video on Twitter just after 8 p.m. while the song was underway, saying, "A WH staffer called a lid for the night. A lid the likes of which we have never heard before."

A “lid” is a term used by the White House and political campaigns to indicate to reporters, photographers and television crews that they will not be releasing any other news that night. A “travel/photo lid” means there will be no more public events or other appearances made by the figure that day. 


Some Twitter users took humor in the incident Wednesday, with one user writing the staffer “injected a little spark into a long day,” while others criticized the staffer for “being unprofessional.”

While the announcement was unorthodox in nature, the spirit of caroling is surely alive among White House staff members, with a little over one week left before Christmas next Friday.