LeBron James on Capitol riots: 'We live in two Americas'
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NBA star LeBron James on Thursday said the siege of the U.S. Capitol by predominately white Trump supporters shows that “we live in two Americas.”

"And that was a prime example of that yesterday, and if you don't understand that or don't see that after seeing what you saw yesterday, then you really need to take a step back — not even just one step, but maybe four or five, or even 10 steps backwards and ask yourself how do you want your kids, or how do you want your grandkids, or how do we want America to be viewed as?” James said. “Do we want to live in this beautiful country?"

Following the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday, James donned a black shirt with the message “Do You Understand Now?”


He told reporters that he had watched the news the day prior and seen the largely white mob being confronted by a relatively passive police force, according to ESPN.

James spoke about his children and questioned how he and his family — all of whom are Black — would be treated by police if they attempted the same stunt.

"If those were my kind storming the Capitol, what would have been the outcome? And I think we all know," James said. "There's no ifs, ands or buts — we already know what would've happened to my kind if anyone would have even got close to the Capitol, let alone storm inside the offices, inside the hallways."


James's teammate Anthony Davis compared the incident to how police forcefully clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters over the summer following the police killing of George Floyd.

"It's like a double standard," said Davis. "On the other side, an entire group runs into the nation's Capitol and get escorted.”

He referenced President TrumpDonald TrumpUkraine's president compares UN to 'a retired superhero' Collins to endorse LePage in Maine governor comeback bid Heller won't say if Biden won election MORE’s infamous remarks relating to the protests — “When the looting starts, the shooting starts" — and noted that the Capitol rioters were seen stealing items.

“And to my knowledge, if you take something, you're looting,” Davis said. “And in that case, for them, they got escorted out the front door. And it's just a slap in the face to us. It feels like we're going backwards. We thought we were seeing change and then this happens."

James, a frequent critic of the president, placed the blame directly on Trump for the actions of his supporters.

"The events that took place yesterday was a direct correlation of the president that's in the seat right now — of his actions, his beliefs, his wishes," James said. "He cares about nobody besides himself. Nobody. Absolutely nobody. He doesn't care about this country. He doesn't care about his family. He doesn't care about anybody besides himself."

Trump has faced calls to be removed from office via impeachment or resignation after the violent riot, which left five people dead, including one Capitol Police officer.

The president had rallied his supporters on the National Mall and encouraged them to protest Congress's certification of the 2020 election results that began that afternoon. 

Following his remarks, a group of rioters marched to the Capitol and breached security, breaking windows and ransacking offices as they made their way through both chambers of Congress.