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Meghan McCain, Van Jones release new documentary seeking to bridge political divide

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The documentary “Reunited America,” which aims to help heal the political divide in the country and was produced by Democrat Van Jones and Republican Meghan McCain, was released to virtual cinemas on Friday.

“This is such an important film for everyone to see, no matter which side of the aisle you’re on,” McCain, a co-host of “The View,” says in a trailer, also released on Friday.

The movie shows Americans from all walks of life who are trying to understand others with very different beliefs. It focuses on an anti-racism advocate, a Republican family, an independent who ran for governor in Kansas and the founder of a young lawmakers movement. 

“It is a powerful testimony to the fact that we can bridge these divisions,” according to Jones, a CNN contributor.

A Friday press release on “The Reunited States” says it “follows the courageous journeys of the unsung heroes working to bridge the political and racial divides in the U.S.”

“Even though there is a new administration dedicated to promoting unity, the events of the last several weeks have made clear we are still a nation deeply divided. This powerful and urgent documentary focuses on hope and solutions instead of dwelling on our differences,” the statement says.

The movie will be released to on-demand platforms on Feb. 9.

“Healing our democracy is a responsibility that falls on each of us, and the stories profiled in The Reunited States encourage and inspire viewers to begin their own journey to repair the bonds that connect us because our shared future depends on it,” the statement said. 

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