A judge on Thursday ruled that pop superstar Britney Spears’s father, Jamie Spears, did not have the sole power to delegate the singer’s investments, the latest development in Spears’s efforts to have her father removed as her conservator.

Britney Spears petitioned to have her father removed as conservator late last year.

The petition was denied by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. However, Bessemer Trust, a wealth management company, was appointed as co-conservator.


The pop star has requested that Bessemer Trust be made the sole conservator of her estate, replacing her father who has been conservator since 2008. 

Objections from Jamie Spears to how the co-conservatorship would be delegated were rejected on Thursday, according to NBC News. One of the objections, according to the news source, was that Jamie Spears should have the power to delegate investment powers. 

Britney Spears's attorney Samuel D. Ingham, however, maintained that the idea of the co-conservatorship was that her father's powers over her estate would be reduced. Jamie Spears argued for sole conservatorship. 

"There's no intent or desire to create unequal power or decision-making as between the two, your honor," Vivan Thoreen, Jamie Spears's lawyer argued, NBC reports. "This is a way to make it consistent and to not take away powers that Mr. Spears as a conservator had."

Ingham also brought up concerns that Jamie Spears would outsource investments to a third party, which Thoreen dismissed saying her client only wanted "to be able to delegate the investment decision making authority to Bessemer."

Interest in Britney Spears's conservatorship was reignited this week following the release of the New York Times documentary "Framing Britney" on Hulu.


Fans of the singer started the #FreeBritney movement in 2019 due to rumors on social media that the singer no longer wanted to be under a conservatorship. The movement gained renewed momentum when Britney Spears filed her petition to have her father removed as conservator last year.

Bessemer Trust and Jamie Spears are now expected to work together on a budget and investment proposal, NBC reports.

Another hearing regarding Britney Spears's conservatorship is expected to take place next month.