A podcast debuting Monday will examine the case of Maria ButinaMaria ButinaAmerican imprisoned in Russia calls for Biden to resolve 'hostage diplomacy situation' in Putin meeting Fake German heiress Anna Sorokin taken into custody, faces deportation US-convicted Russian operative Maria Butina visits Navalny in jail MORE, who was deported from the U.S. after being accused of acting as an unregistered agent of the Russian government.

“A charismatic Russian woman arrives in the US on a mission to improve relations between the two countries, and she soon makes some powerful friends. But who is Maria Butina? And who is she working for?” asks the description for "Spy Affair," which will be hosted by Celia Aniskovich.

“As Maria gets closer to the rich and connected she also attracts the attention of the FBI. In the politically charged world of US-Russia relations, everyone has secrets and almost nothing is what it seems,” it adds.


Butina in December 2018 pleaded guilty to working with a Russian official and two Americans to influence U.S. policy in regards to Russia by attempting to gain connections in American groups including the National Rifle Association.

"A web of sex and lies connected accused Russian spy Maria Butina to American political operatives," one voiceover says in a trailer for the podcast.

The podcast will include interviews with Butina that have never been heard before.

“I am still the same person. I still do believe that Russia and America should be friends, but this time from the Russian side. We will put AK-47 on the table. It makes the conversation easier,” Butina says in the preview. 

After Butina was deported to Russia following jail time in the U.S., she was given a show on Russia Today called "Wonderful Russia Bu Bu Bu.”