'Entourage' creator: HBO not promoting show due to 'wave of righteous PC culture'
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The creator of the HBO series "Entourage," which ran from 2004 to 2011, says streaming service HBO Max is refusing to promote old episodes of the show due to a "wave of righteous PC [political correctness] culture."

“I resent it tremendously,” Doug Ellin told Yahoo News in an interview published Tuesday.

“For a while, we were hiding in, like, ‘wish-fulfillment shows,’” Ellin added. “We were nominated for the Emmys or the Golden Globes almost every single year, so to not put us on the must-see comedy list was pretty bizarre.”


Even during its original run, "Entourage" was accused by critics of encouraging a misogynist "bro culture" in Hollywood that came under deep scrutiny following the rise of the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements, which saw women in the film and TV industries level accusations of sexual misconduct against numerous Hollywood stars, including Jeremy Piven of "Entourage."

Ellin says that his show faces a double standard over its depiction of young up-and-coming men in the entertainment industry.

“Nobody says that about 'The Sopranos,' where they murder people, that maybe we should readdress whether murdering people on TV is OK,” he told Yahoo, adding, “I don’t want to sound obnoxious or that I'm looking at 'Entourage' as high art, but it was a pretty accurate portrayal of how people [acted] at that time in Hollywood.”

"Entourage's" final season concluded nine years ago; a feature film based on the series starring the same cast was released in 2015, but was a commercial flop.

“I don't think 'Entourage' was this vulgar boyfest that people like to paint it as now,” Ellin says. “When we came out, The New York Times said we were the smartest show on television! If we did reboot the show, it’s not that I would make it any more PC, but I would write it to the best of my abilities to reflect the reality of the world right now."

The Hill has reached out to HBO for comment.