A picture of what appears to be a pint-sized version of the Carters posing with the jumbo-sized Bidens is triggering a gigantic reaction online.

The Carter Center released a photo Monday night of President BidenJoe BidenVirginia GOP gubernatorial nominee acknowledges Biden was 'legitimately' elected BuzzFeed News finds Biden's private Venmo account Kid reporter who interviewed Obama dies at 23 MORE and first lady Jill BidenJill BidenHere's why Joe Biden polls well, but Kamala Harris does not Jill Biden visits Smithsonian as DC museums reopen Jill Biden, Jennifer Garner go mask-free on vaccine-promoting West Virginia trip MORE smiling alongside former President Carter and former first lady Rosalyn Carter in the ex-first family's Plains, Ga., home during a visit last week.


But the seemingly funhouse-like perspective of the snapshot — which made the current executive mansion residents look humongous and the 96-year-old former commander in chief and first lady appear miniscule — left many observers baffled.



Some photographers chalked up the head-turning visual to an optical illusion of sorts, caused by both the wide-angle lens that was likely used to capture the photo in the small space and the positioning of the couples.

Others questioned the height of both presidents and first ladies. Carter biographer Jonathan Alter told The Washington Post that the nonagenarian former president, who's 5 foot 10 inches, and Rosalyn Carter, who's 5 foot 5 inches, aren't "tiny people, but they are in the medium to smaller size among presidents and first ladies."

Plus, Alter told the paper, "the fact that when you’re very old, you shrink.”

Biden is about 6 feet tall, according to his physician.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Carters didn't travel to Washington for Biden's inauguration in January. The get-together last week in the Peach State was the first time the foursome had met since Biden became president.