JFK's love letters to Swedish aristocrat up for auction
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Letters former President Kennedy sent to his Swedish lover are being auctioned off at Boston auction house RR Auction.

Each letter, written on official United States Senate letterhead, is addressed to Gunilla von Post, a Swedish aristocrat.

Kennedy met von Post in France just weeks before his wedding to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953, according to the item description.


The letters were found among von Post's possessions after she died in 2011 and detail her affair with Kennedy, the auction house noted.

In one of the partial letters from the collection, dated 1955, Kennedy wrote about planning a trip to visit von Post. In another, he detailed his excitement over seeing her.

"I am anxious to see you. Is it not strange after all these months?" he wrote. "Perhaps at first it shall be a little difficult as we shall be strangers—but not strangers—and I am sure it will all work and I shall think that though it is a long way to Gunilla—it is worth it."

In a longer letter dated 1956, Kennedy addressed news that von Post was set to be married. 

"If you don't marry come over as I should like to see you. I had a wonderful time last summer with you. It is a bright memory of my life—you are wonderful and I miss you," Kennedy wrote.

Von Post did marry and later documented her connection with Kennedy in a memoir titled "Love, Jack," as he signed one of the letters to her.

The letters previously sold at another auction house for $15,000 in 2015.