Chris Brown birthday party broken up by LAPD over COVID-19 restriction violations
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The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly broke up a massive birthday party early Thursday morning at the mansion of R&B star Chris Brown, citing COVID-19 restrictions.

Officers responded to a noise complaint around 2 a.m. for a party in the hillside San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana. Police told NBC Los Angeles that between 300 and 500 cars were parked near Brown's Citrus Ridge Drive home.

The crowd dispersed from the party without incident after talking with police and no arrests were made.


Footage obtained by TMZ showed hundreds of guests being escorted away from the soiree by police.


The “Run It” singer turned 32 on Wednesday.

Current COVID-19 protocols in Los Angeles County recommend keeping guest lists to 50 people or under for outdoor social gatherings. It also states that guests should wear masks and social distance when possible.

LA City Councilman Bob Blumenfield, who represents Tarzana, didn’t mention Brown by name but called for his constituents to continue to respect COVID-19 guidelines.

“As we’ve made so much progress against COVID-19, we still need to do everything possible to get vaccinated, be responsible and make sure that more people don’t get sick," Blumenfield said in the statement obtained by NBC Los Angeles. "Even before the pandemic, massive house parties like this have been an issue throughout the city, severely disrupting our communities. But the reality is that we’re still in the midst of this pandemic and irresponsible events like this have the power to create more outbreaks and set back the incredible gains made.”