Colin Kaepernick releasing children's book focused on celebrating differences
© getty: Colin Kaepernick

Activist and former NFL player Colin Kaepernick is releasing a children's book focused on his upbringing as a Black child in a white family, according to a release from his company, Kaepernick Publishing.

"I Color Myself Different" is centered around a childhood memory of Kaepernick's. When he was participating in a drawing exercise in kindergarten, he put down the yellow crayon he was using to draw his family and picked up a brown one to represent himself. 

"This moment crystallized for him the differences marked by his adoption, and how acknowledging those distinctions could encourage us all to be more accepting of ourselves and each other," the release states.


Kaepernick called the book, which will be released in April, "deeply personal." 

"I hope that it honors the courage and bravery of young people everywhere by encouraging them to live with authenticity and purpose," he said. "I’m excited for Kaepernick Publishing to be collaborating with Scholastic on books with Black and Brown voices at the forefront.  I hope that our books will inspire readers to walk through the world with confidence, strength, and truth in all they do."

Scholastic Trade Publishing President and Publisher Ellie Berger said the book's themes, which include identity and race, will "resonate deeply with all kids."

She added, "We are privileged to bring this work to young readers around the world for the very first time."

Kaepernick Publishing launched in 2019 with hopes to "elevate a new generation of writers with diverse views and voices." "I Color Myself Different" and another title from the publishing company, "Abolition For The People: The Movement For A Future Without Policing & Prisons," are both available for pre-order now.