Federal prosecutors on Friday filed new accusations against R&B singer R. Kelly in his New York sex trafficking case, including that he allegedly had sexual contact with an underage boy in addition to the previously reported abuse to teenage girls and women. 

While the motion does not file new charges against R. Kelly, born Robert Sylvester Kelly, the prosecutors detailed previously undisclosed allegations in the case, in which the singer and record producer faces charges for alleged crimes of sexual assault, kidnapping and a racketeering scheme to provide him with underage victims for sex crimes. 

The prosecutors alleged in Friday’s 52-page memo that Kelly, whose current charges include six alleged female victims dating as far back as 1991, in or around December 2006 met a 17-year-old boy at a McDonald's and invited him to attend an after party at his house in Chicago. 


Kelly allegedly then invited the boy, identified in the court document only as “John Doe #1,” into his studio “under the guise of helping and mentoring John Doe #1 with his musical aspirations.” 

“Kelly also asked John Doe #1 what he was willing to do to succeed in the music business and clarified that he wanted John Doe #1 to engage in sexual contact with [him],” the prosecutors said. “With that backdrop, Kelly then engaged in sexual contact with John Doe #1, in violation of Illinois law.” 

The prosecutors went on to say that John Doe #1 eventually introduced Kelly to several people, including “John Doe #2,” who was identified in the Friday filing as “a close male friend who was then 16 or 17 years old and whose identity is known to the government.” 

Several years later, Kelly allegedly started a sexual relationship with John Doe #2 and required his girlfriends, including one of the female victims in the case, “to have sex with John Doe #2 upon his command and often filmed those encounters.” 

Prosecutors said that Kelly “sometimes paid John Doe #2 after sexual encounters with him,” and that Kelly had “directed John Doe #1 and others to engage in sexual contact with each other and filmed those encounters.” 

Additionally, prosecutors alleged that when Kelly was about to go on trial for child pornography charges in 2008, John Doe #1 told the singer that he had access to a juror.


Kelly then allegedly asked the boy to make contact with the juror and explain that he was a “good guy.” 

The court filing added that the newly revealed accounts show that the alleged abuse by Kelly was not a series of "isolated events" but was instead "part of a larger pattern."

The new allegations come as jury selection for his New York trial is scheduled to begin on Aug. 9 after being pushed back several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The charges in this case relate to those filed in Illinois, though a federal judge approved a motion for the case to be relocated to New York

Kelly, who faces several county and federal level cases in New York, Illinois and Minnesota, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.