Lawyer says R. Kelly is unlikely to take stand in sex-trafficking trial
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A lawyer for R. Kelly on Tuesday said the singer is unlikely to take the stand in his sex-trafficking trial.

Attorney Deveraux Cannick told the courtroom — when the jury was out of the room — that his client will likely not testify in the trial, which is being held at a federal court in New York City, according to The Associated Press.

The disclosure came as the defense was nearing the end of its case, the AP noted.


U.S. District Judge Anne Donnelly, however, said the singer can change his mind and decide to testify before closing arguments begin, according to the news wire. Kelly reportedly nodded his head in response to Donnelly.

The prosecution can begin delivering its closing arguments as early as Wednesday afternoon, according to the AP.

Kelly’s trial began with opening statements on Aug. 18, and has since been marked by allegations that the singer was a sexual predator and groomed and exploited young individuals.

A man testified last month that Kelly used his fame to sexually exploit and groom him when he was in high school. Kelly reportedly asked the boy what he was “willing to do” to help his musical aspirations become a reality.

The trial also featured audio and video recordings of Kelly threatening victims, after a judge allowed prosecutors to share the evidence.

One witness who accused the singer of sexual abuse testified that Kelly kept a gun by his side when he was verbally attacking her, then forced her to perform oral sex for him.

Kelly’s lawyers, throughout the trial, have painted the accusers as fans of the singer who are trying to take advantage of his notability.

On Tuesday, former Kelly associate John Holder, an accountant, testified for the defense that he never saw the singer torment his alleged accusers, according to the AP. Holder said he would see Kelly carrying a backpack full of cash from concerts and he would take women and girls on shopping sprees.

During cross-examination, however, prosecutors suggested that Holder’s contributions were childlike, according to the news wire.