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Celebrity chef José Andrés shares video of active volcano on La Palma

Celebrity chef José Andrés shared a video on Friday of the active volcano on La Palma in Spain, saying his nonprofit food organization is on the island providing meals to first responders.

In a video posted to Twitter, the Cumbre Vieja volcano can be seen spewing red lava in the background as Andrés provides an update on his foundation's work.

"So, as you can see today, super active, the volcano," Andrés says in the video. "You can see all the lava coming down."

Andrés also showed the police officers and doctors who were responding to the eruption.

Cumbre Vieja began erupting on Sept. 19, marking La Palma's first volcanic eruption in 50 years. 

The eruption intensified on Saturday after a new emission vent opened, launching lava high into the air, Reuters reported.

Since the eruption, hundreds of homes have been destroyed and nearly 6,000 people were forced to evacuate, according to the outlet. On Saturday, La Palma's airport was closed. 

Andrés's foundation, World Central Kitchen, has been serving meals to first responders on the island.


In a separate video shared on Friday, Andrés said he could see huge rocks "hundreds of meters in the air" being thrown from the volcano.

"This is very intense right now," Andrés said. "Let's pray for the people of La Palma, OK?"