'Dog the Bounty Hunter' to join in search for Brian Laundrie
© Duane Chapman on Aug. 28, 2019. (Getty)

Duane Chapman, more commonly known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter," has joined the search for Brian Laundrie, Fox News reports.

Chapman, a reality television star and former bail bondsman, joined the search in recent days after the FBI recovered the body of Laundrie's girlfriend Gabby Petito and confirmed her death was a homicide.

On Thursday, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie, who was reported missing on Sept. 17.


"We had a lot of requests that I get in on this," Chapman told Fox News. "This is what I do for a living, for 45 years."

Chapman, 68, said the case feels personal to him after losing his own daughter at 23 when a man rolled a stolen SUV she was riding in. 

"I know what the parents feel like," Chapman said, noting his daughter was around the same age as Gabby Petito, 22, when she died. "You want the guy behind bars."

Chapman went to the Laundrie family's Florida home on Saturday afternoon in an attempt to solicit information that could help locate Brian Laundrie.

"The reason I went to Mr. Laundrie is because I carry a reputation with me," Chapman said. "The reputation is he gives you a second chance. He gonna get you, but he gives you a second chance."

The Laundrie family did not answer the door for Chapman.

Chapman asked that Laundrie's family reach out to him through social media. He's also operating an anonymous tip line (833-TELL-DOG).

"Let's get the kid captured alive," he said.