Johnny Ramone's guitar sells at auction for more than $900K
© Getty Images

Johnny Ramone’s iconic guitar sold for more than $900,000 at an auction on Saturday.

The 1965 Mosrite Ventures II electric guitar, used by the Ramones’ lead guitarist, had been estimated to fetch more than $500,000 before Boston-based RR Auction sold it for a winning bid of $937,500. Its new owner is a collector who wishes to remain anonymous, the auction house said.

Ramone, who died in 2004, originally purchased the guitar for about $500.


Ramone, whose given name was John Cummings, played the guitar at every Ramones performance from 1977 through 1996, marking a total of about 1,985 shows.

He was so partial to this guitar, he played it for all 15 Ramones albums produced during that time, including studio and live albums.

Among other Ramone items included in the RR Auction were Johnny Ramone’s Mark-2 signature guitar and the Shure microphones Joey Ramone used at the final Ramones concert.

The auction began on Aug. 24 and concluded on Saturday.