A "Superman" comic book writer says he expects "some backlash" from the revelation that the son of the superhero is bisexual.

"We're going to get some backlash for this. But the key for me isn't the people that are upset, it's for the people that are welcomed in by this, that say today this is more powerful than a locomotive," said "Superman: Son of Kal-El" author Tom Taylor in a Tuesday appearance on CNN's "New Day."


DC Comics revealed a day earlier that Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, will begin a romantic relationship with a male friend in an issue of the comic book series poised to be released next month.

Taylor on Tuesday downplayed critics of the historic move, which was made public on National Coming Out Day, saying that reaction has been positive.

The scribe said many fans had embraced the idea: "People [are] saying that they never thought that they would be able to see themselves in Superman. Older queer people who've said they wish they had this growing up and they're so happy that younger people, or people who haven't come out, have this today."

While many fans cheered the announcement, some critics voiced opposition to the revelation.


"Why are they sexualizing superheroes?" Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo asked on Monday.

"I was a Batman, Superman, Spider-Man kid. We just wanted them to get the bad guys, not a venereal disease," Arroyo said.

Ohio GOP Senate primary candidate Josh Mandel, meanwhile, denounced the move as an attempt to "destroy America."

"This is literally the most powerful superhero in comics, and one of the best known all over the world, is now bisexual," Taylor told CNN's John Berman on Tuesday. "And I think that's a really big and really strong statement."