Stars including Elliot Page, Jameela Jamil back Netflix staffers amid protest
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Performers including Elliot Page, "Queer Eye's" Jonathan Van Ness, Jameela Jamil and "Pose" star Angelica Ross are speaking out in support of the Netflix walkout over Dave Chappelle's controversial TV special in which the comedian mocks the transgender community.

"This has been such a challenging time I'm sure for all of you," Van Ness said in a video released Wednesday by the activist group Team Trans. "It really is so often the trans, non-binary and intersex folks who actually advance theses conversations, so often at risk to themselves and to their careers," added Van Ness, who identifies as nonbinary.

"I know it's not easy. I know it's scary. I have so much respect for you and so much love and gratitude for you for sticking up for the LGBT+ community's right to dignity and safety and respect," said "The Good Place" actor Jamil.


"Umbrella Academy" star Page, who became the first openly transgender man to appear on the cover of Time magazine earlier this year, tweeted support for the rally outside of Netflix's Los Angeles headquarters.

The walkout came together last week, following the release earlier this month of Chappelle's "The Closer" on Netflix.

The 48-year-old comedian took to the stage to repeatedly mock the transgender community and used crude terms to refer to a transgender person's anatomy.

The streaming giant continued to face criticism following CEO Ted Sarandos's response to the controversy in a pair of memos defending Chappelle and the special. In one, the Netflix exec said, "While some employees disagree, we have a strong belief that content on screen doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm."

Sarandos later said he "screwed up" in how he handled the criticism within the company. In a statement to ITK on Wednesday ahead of the walkout, a Netflix spokesperson said, “We respect the decision of any employee who chooses to walk out, and recognize we have much more work to do both within Netflix and in our content."

In addition to the celebrity-filled video, walkout supporters called on Netflix to take a series of steps that they called "necessary to avoid future instances of platforming transphobia and hate speech."

Some of the measures include creating a fund to develop trans and non-binary talent, recruit trans people for leadership roles within the company, and to revamp "processes on commissioning and releasing potential harmful content."