Rapper Young Thug sues apartment complex where he lives over stolen songs, money
© Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Hip-hop artist Young Thug has sued his apartment complex, accusing its employees of letting an unknown person take his designer bag that had unreleased songs and more than $100,000 worth of jewelry and cash, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

According to the lawsuit filed in Gwinnett County Superior Court last week, Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, returned to his home at Trace Apartments in November 2020 and left his Louis Vuitton bag beside his vehicle by mistake. 

A resident reported the bag to Trace Apartments employee Lillie Bouie, who handles the complex’s concierge service, the lawsuit says. 


Bouie then got the bag and placed it in a secure location, notifying Williams that they would have the bag there until he retrieved it, the lawsuit said. 

Bouie also left a note instructing her colleagues to inform her when they released the bag so she would know that it was going back to the rapper, according to the Journal. 

According to the lawsuit, Trace employee LaToya Guest retrieved the bag and gave it to an unidentified person, not notifying Bouie that she had done so. 

The designer bag contained about 20 unreleased songs, had $40,000 in cash and $94,000 in jewelry, the lawsuit alleged. In total, Williams said the bag's contents were worth more than $1 million.

This comes as JLB Peachtree and the concierge company Pegasus Residential did not respond to inquires about the lawsuit that accuses them of not following proper procedures to protect the rapper’s property, the Journal reported. 

Williams, 30, is seeking the return of his stolen property’s value and attorney’s fees in the lawsuit, the Journal noted.