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Stern rips anti-vaxxers: ‘I might have to run’ just to clean up their mess

Howard Stern says he “might have to run” for president in order to clean up the “mess” made by Americans who oppose COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Believe me, this here is turning into a third-world country because of the f—ing morons we have living here,” Stern told listeners on his SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday, during a discussion of a staff member’s trip to Panama amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a sad commentary on my country,” Stern, 67, said.

“This is my country. I’ve got too many morons living here. We could be past a lot of this COVID business,” added Stern, a vocal proponent of vaccinations.

“You were all about freedom, until the morons got ahold of the place,” co-host Robin Quivers said.

“Now I’m not into freedom,” Stern replied to laughs. “I don’t feel good about what’s going on in my country. I might have to run just to clean this f—ing mess up.”

“I could clean it up in two seconds,” the famed radio personality said of a potential White House run. “Just the way [President] Biden got us out of Afghanistan — that quick I’m going to clean things up. Boom. Right away.”

It’s not the first time that Stern, a frequent critic of former President Trump’s coronavirus response, has bantered that he could launch a White House bid. Earlier this month, Stern said if he were to run against Trump in 2024, he would “beat his ass.” The 45th commander in chief has repeatedly floated another presidential run, but has not confirmed a 2024 bid.

Stern ran as a Libertarian in New York’s gubernatorial race in 1994, before dropping out after the state’s Supreme Court upheld a requirement that he would have to disclose his personal finances as a political candidate.

On Tuesday’s show, Stern also railed against actors who quit or lost their jobs in protest of vaccine mandates, including former “General Hospital” star Ingo Rademacher, who was reportedly axed from the soap opera for refusing to be vaccinated.

“Is he crazy?” Stern asked. “It’s insanity.”

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