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Bill Maher says Biden lacks ‘passionate defenders,’ ‘get-up-and-go’

HBO host Bill Maher said that President Biden lacked “get-up-and-go” and “passionate defenders” amid low approval ratings and a stalled domestic agenda in Congress.  

Maher made the comments on his show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” on Friday, arguing that while Biden is suffering low approval ratings, he was not fairly been credited for the present economic conditions in the U.S.

“The hard fact is, even when Joe does something good, he seems to get no credit. Our economy is actually pretty awesome considering what we’ve just been through. Wages are up, workers have more leverage, we avoided a recession. Stocks just had their best year since 1995,” Maher said.

The host, known for his sometimes-controversial takes on political issues, noted a recent CBS News poll that showed 38 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s handling of the economy.

“This is what happens when you lack passionate defenders. As opposed to Trump, who every day shit the bed and 90 percent of Republicans blamed the bed.”

Maher also claimed that to most Americans, they believed that Biden’s enthusiasm to get things done had since vanished, and that Democrats displayed “no big d— energy.”

“When he first got into office, I told you that Biden was like non-dairy creamer: Nobody’s first choice, but he got the job done. And he did get the job done in 2020 when his nation needed him to beat Trump, and he did,” Maher said.

“But fair or not, to most people now, it looks like Joe Biden’s get-up-and-go got up and went. There’s no big d— energy coming out of the Democratic Party.”

The HBO host’s comments come as several recent polls have shown lower presidential approval ratings, including an NBC News poll and an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll that both place Biden’s job approval rating at 43 percent. 

But those low ratings have left the president undeterred, saying during a nearly two-hour press conference on Wednesday that “I don’t believe the polls.”

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