Tammy Duckworth, American hero, has her heroism attacked by Joe Walsh, Tea Party bum

There are few things that make me more disgusted than those partisan Republicans I referred to in my latest column, “GOP hopes USA fails.”
It is unconscionable to watch some Republicans cheer higher joblessness
while they oppose jobs bills offered by the president and Democrats in
Congress. But Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) has lost the right to be called
“distinguished” or “gentleman” with his slanderous and scandalous
attacks on the military valor and heroism of Tammy Duckworth, who
deserves to defeat him for reelection.

Tammy Duckworth makes me proud. Duckworth is the kind of person who elevates American public life with her courage, her integrity, her compassion, her skill and her desire to do the right thing for America. She is the kind of person we need in American public life. Joe Walsh is not.

{mosads}I do not easily refer to any member of Congress as a “bum.” But I do so here. Anyone who attacks the valor of someone who has given so much to our country, and has so much more to give to our country is indeed a bum. Call me macho, but this kind of garbage makes me so mad I want to invite Mr. Walsh to join me at Gold’s Gym and discuss this matter wearing boxing gloves.

Republican leaders in the House should reprimand Joe Walsh and remove him from any positions in the party for conduct that is unworthy of a member of Congress.

Tea Party leaders who honor those who serve our nation should immediately withdraw any support for Walsh.

Sarah Palin, whose son’s heroism serving our country I have saluted and applauded, should disown Mr. Walsh.

Donors who have given money to a man who attacks the heroism of an American hero like Tammy Duckworth should ask that their campaign donations be refunded in full.

Tammy Duckworth is a hero.

Joe Walsh is a bum.

Every patriotic Republican and conservative who supports our men and women in uniform should be disgusted and sickened by a man who does dishonor to the United States House of Representatives.

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