The write-in reelection of Sen. Lisa Murkowski is a sterling example of what happens when a heavyweight professional does some serious work on lightweight opponents. While the major media and certain right-wing pundits have a fetish about Sarah Palin and try to take Joe Miller seriously, Murkowski took care of business, pulled up her sleeves and did some serious work.

For the last week, poor Miller looked like a dazed prizefighter being pummeled by a heavyweight opponent. What was most interesting was how Murkowski, once she disposed of Miller, turned her attention to Palin and did some more serious work.

When Murkowski said Palin lacks intellectual curiosity, everyone knew what she was saying. It was ironic and poetic justice that some of this was said to Katie Couric, who was present at the scene of the crime where Palin couldn't tell Couric what newspapers she read in the morning.

Give Palin credit, she has the major media by the short hairs when it comes to selling her books and giving her free publicity to make her fortune. Problem is, her negatives keep skyrocketing.  She will not run for president, though Democrats hope she does. Her candidacy is a figment of the imagination of what passes for commentary on what passes for television news.

The former Mayor of Wasilla, former governor who served only part of one term and disastrous candidate for vice president in 2008 who did great damage to her ticket, has now been taught another serious lesson by the tenacious hardball senator from Alaska.

Best of luck to Sarah Palin for her new reality television show. Her slanders of the president and first lady in her latest book will find a good audience among the hate-wing of the Republican right-wing.

Best of luck to Lisa Murkowski as she returns to the Senate, having taught some serious lessons to Sarah Palin and Joe Miller, who is now a footnote to a footnote, under Lisa Murkowski's foot.