Sharron Angle, Karl Rove’s candidate, is no Ron Paul

Honorable Tea Party voters might ask why Karl Rove has thrown his
corrupt, Bush-style politics behind the Sharron Angle campaign for
Nevada senator. Honorable Tea Party voters might also ask why Angle
comes to Washington, in virtual secrecy, hidden from Nevada voters, to
meet with old-style Bush-friendly Republican insiders to study the
tricks of the dirty political trade.

I have always tried to be fair to Ron Paul. I I agree with Paul on some matters, such as auditing the Fed, and disagree with Paul on other matters. But let’s be clear, agree with him or not, Ron Paul is the real deal, a serious thinker with serious ideas on serious issues.

Sharron Angle is just a political kook who takes weird positions on issues and has been seeking high office unsuccessfully in the past. Can any serious person believe that abortion causes breast cancer? Even many Nevada Republicans are running away from Angle.

I would argue that Ron Paul has made a significant contribution on public issues, including those issues I agree with him about and those I don’t. I would also suggest that because he is under-respected by the mainstream media, he will do far better in the Republican primaries in 2012 than pundits expect, if he runs for president.

When was the last time Karl Rove put his Bush-like dirty politics behind Ron Paul, as he is doing for Sharron Angle? When was the last time Ron Paul went hat in hand to hack Republican insiders in meetings hidden from voters?

Ron Paul has credibility, integrity and serious ideas.

Sharron Angle has ambition, extremism and weirdo ideas.

That’s why I suspect that in the end, the Tea Party people will go all out for Ron Paul and Rand Paul and run away from Sharron Angle like a house on fire, as many Nevada Republicans have already begun to do.

Ron Paul is the real deal for Tea Party voters. Sharron Angle, by contrast, supports bizarre policies that stink like oil pollution, and practices slimy politics that stink like the rotten eggs of Karl Rove, her big champion.

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