Mike Enzi will crush Liz Cheney in Wyoming

It looks as if Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) is headed for a huge victory over Liz Cheney in the Republican primary election for Senate in Wyoming.

One recent poll commissioned by a super-PAC that is not friendly to Cheney found her losing to Enzi by more than 50 points. Even discounting that data because it was commissioned by a biased organization, which is always wise, it is virtually impossible to rig a poll with a margin that large unless the weaker candidate is very far behind.

{mosads}Cheney is acting like a candidate who knows she is losing. Bringing in her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, to create a bogus issue about his shared interest in fishing with Enzi was a sign of desperation.

Is that the best issue the Cheneys can raise against Enzi? Now Liz Cheney, who has more experience in the last decade giving fire and brimstone at political salons outside Wyoming than being active within Wyoming — except when pursuing her political ambitions — is running an ad promoting her ties to Wyoming.

If those ties were stronger, such an ad would not be necessary, right? Enzi is a solid and respected public servant, a man with extensive and unquestioned devotion to Wyoming. He is a senator held in wide esteem by his Republican colleagues in the Senate and by the countless citizens of Wyoming he has personally helped doing casework for constituents, all while Cheney was dishing her fire and brimstone at national venues to pursue her non-Wyoming ambitions.

I would not predict that Enzi wallops Cheney by 50 points, but a 30-point landslide victory for Enzi sounds about right. And based on the way she is campaigning, I have a hunch that Cheney, deep down, agrees.

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