Trump likes stop-and-frisk, but does he care about white people?
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Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpDemocrat calls on White House to withdraw ambassador to Belarus nominee TikTok collected data from mobile devices to track Android users: report Peterson wins Minnesota House primary in crucial swing district MORE has been ignoring the white community and it shows.

The Republican nominee for president is bending over backwards to appeal to the black community lately. He's working with Dr. Ben Carson, boxing promoter Don King, a host of pastors and more to help bring people of color into the GOP. With so much attention on black people, the issues of another important voting block seem to be left out.

What about the needs of hard working white folks-- America's majority?

If you're paying attention this election season, you've heard about Trump's national stop and frisk policy comments. He said it should be implemented nationally to help lower crime rates, especially in communities of color. Trump also claimed stop and frisk policy worked in New York, even though the NYPD's own numbers prove it was a major failure. A federal judge ruled stop-and-frisk unconstitutional.

Over a 15-year period, more than 300,000 white people were stopped and frisked in New York City. Of that number, over 255,000 were completely innocent. On average, more than 85 percent of the white people stopped on an annual basis by stop-and-frisk were completely innocent. Some years, the figure was as high as 90 percent.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio stated stop-and-frisk laws deteriorate police-civilian relations. This would make it harder for the police to do their job, which means more white people would be less safe. 

Many police officers support Trump's candidacy. So why, then, would he put hard working cops in danger when in 2016, white people killed more cops than any other group so far? Doesn't Trump know that #BlueLivesMatter, especially in conservative states like Louisiana?

Why is Trump ignoring the epidemic of white-on-white crime? Stop and frisk doesn't lower the murder rate, so why isn’t he talking with Sean Hannity about how 83 percent of white Americans are killed by other white people? Why would Trump suggest endangering more white Americans when police are killing more white people than any other group?

With all the talk about the problems in the black community, what has Trump said he will do to help #AllLivesMatter supporters? What about the young white man in Missouri who now has brain damage because an officer tasered him four times longer than police regulation allows? What about all the other incidents of police brutality on innocent white Americans?

Being a white man from New York, shouldn't he have already known this? These are issues he should care deeply about. I know I do. It's a bad sign for Trump to be so out of touch on the daily safety of his own demographic in America. In fact, it's why many white Americans believe he doesn't care about them or their needs. Luckily, there's still time for Trump to learn from his mistakes and embrace equality by focusing on making all of America great again, not just the black community.

Muhammad is a performance arts student at NYU and a consultant with the Associated Press. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @KeemMuhammad.

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