Donald Trump wants a wall, taco vendors oblige
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Last night in Las Vegas we finally got a deep dive on immigration and pulled back the shades back on immigration policy. And it was done in the shadows of the Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. A state where the Latino vote may single handedly deliver the deciding factor in this years Presidential election. It also has a chance to deliver the first Latina in the history of our nation to the US Senate as well.

Immigration is huge issue in Nevada where a large portion of the population is an new immigrant or at the minimum has a family member is an immigrant. The large portion of the workforce on the strip are immigrants and these workers are represented by the Culinary Workers Union 226. The Union and its allies had a major Trump protest this week in conjunction with the debate. These activist not only built a wall of taco trucks, but also built a makeshift wall that local activist signed and told their immigration story.

Hillary made very clear last night she takes the Latino vote very seriously and her work in Nevada is a clear sign. She has had staff and office open in this state for over a year. She has a massive ground effort underway in the latino neighborhoods. And last night she gave red meat to those organizer to strongly display the differences between the candidates on issues central to our community. She connected by telling personal stories of Latino immigrants and Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpThe Hill's Morning Report - White House, Congress: Urgency of now around budget GOP presses Trump to make a deal on spending Democrats wary of handing Trump a win on infrastructure MORE continued to group all Latinos in a group that includes criminals and rapists, as he mentioned when he began his campaign.

The Latino vote is expected to bigger than ever in the history of our elections. The will be a huge factor in who wins big states like Florida, Colorado, and Nevada. But also our numbers are growing to be a large factor in places like Virginia Georgia and now even Arizona is in play and that is largely to do with the Latino population.

Donald Trump needed to pull an inside straight last night in Las Vegas. He needed to a big moment and he did not. He actually started out not half bad and was very subdued, but after about 30 min, the wheel came off and the real Donald trump stood up proud and may lose the Latino vote by the largest maintain that we have ever seen in national election.

Our country is a nation built by immigrants and the Latino immigrants like my family are the root of every success that we will have moving forward. Latinos are starting businesses at the highest rate in the country, We pay more taxes than Trump, they are fighting our wars and they are cleaning our rooms here in Las Vegas. We will are not a second class citizen and we are not going to vote for Donald Trump.

Chuck Rocha is the president of Solidarity Strategies, a Latino-owned political consulting firm. Follow him on Twitter @ChuckRocha


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