Hillary Clinton’s birthday wish list

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Hillary Clinton and I share our birthday today (she’s seven years older).

We don’t share much else. She’s hoping and planning for a bigger celebration in two weeks. I’m spending my birthday morning in a hospital chemotherapy unit, receiving drugs to shrink a tumor in my pancreas.

{mosads}I think our wish lists are pretty different. Mine is modest and not worth your time. But a friend who’s an editor at The Hill asked me to speculate on what might be on Clinton’s birthday wish list today. What do you give the woman whose two weeks away from having everything? I bet she wishes:

The next two weeks pass quickly and quietly.

Obama will give her the password to @Potus without her having to ask.

Even more blue on Nate Silver’s map.

Even more blue on every single map anywhere.

An even funnier hashtag than #TrumpBookReport.

John Podesta would use the phone more and email less.

The Cubs win the World Series, so she can celebrate with her childhood favorite team.

The Indians win the World Series so she doesn’t have to put up with Cubs fans remembering when she said she was a Yankees fan when she was running for Senate from New York.

A New York Times story with Trump’s 2015 tax return.

No surprise party. Please. No October surprises.

Would just one more open-mic locker-room-talk video be too much for a birthday girl to wish for?

Buttry is a 40-year veteran journalist and the former Digital Transformation Editor for Digital First Media. He currently serves as student media director at Louisiana State University. Follow him on Twitter @stevebuttry 

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