The economy burns, while Washington fiddles. The voters seethe, while Washington dithers. The creation of jobs is a luxury that can wait until the next election while the Constitution is an inconvenience that falls victim to the polls.

Washington won’t fight for workers in desperate need or ask sacrifice from those who gorge themselves with Gilded Age luxuries while most Americans struggle to pay the cost of living. Almost 40 years after the energy crisis began they do zero to create a patriotic energy policy that would power our economy and protect the planet.

They can’t define torture seven years after 9-11, with huge damage done to our reputation around the world while the most ridiculous claims of executive privilege to cover up crimes are met with show-horse hearings and timid claims of outrage.

The election will decimate Senate Republicans, defeat many House Republicans, but make no mistake — my friends wont like this — but there will be some Democrats replaced in the gigantic anti-incumbent wave that is coming.

Notice the Democrats are doing the elephant walk, slowing down another stimulus package, so it won’t help Americans until after the election in what can only be described as a dereliction of duty. Democrats can pass a stimulus plan in July. They won’t. Democrats can pass it in August. They won’t. No, Democrats appear poised to wait until September, which would guarantee it wouldn’t help Americans until after Election Day.

Republicans are even worse. Republicans are reduced to being shills for oil companies and nuclear power companies. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainCindy McCain endorses Biden: He's only candidate 'who stands up for our values' Biden says Cindy McCain will endorse him Biden's six best bets in 2016 Trump states MORE has become a standard-issue Bush Republican and Teddy Roosevelt impersonator who has nothing in common with the populist, trust-busting, pro-worker, pro-reform environmentalist TR who has no place in the modern Republican Party.

The Democrats are lucky that far more Senate Republicans are running in 2008 and 2010 while the Senate Republicans commit one of the great acts of political suicide in American history.

But this offers no credit to Democrats, some of whom will be defeated in surprising elections by the anti-incumbent wave, because many of the Democrats, like most of the Republicans, treat voters like they are stupid.

Whatever the consultants tell the politicians, they most assuredly are not.