According to a memo obtained by The Washington Post, Kirk contacted Fred Malek, a Republican who has taken Palin under his wing, and asked for the nod from the former Alaska governor.

Kirk — aware that the Club for Growth has already indicated they are cool to his candidacy — is braced for the wrath of Tea Partiers and more if he can't secure some conservative cred from someone like Palin early on. The Post reported Kirk noted that Palin will be appearing on "Oprah" on Nov. 16 and that the Chicago media will be sure to ask her whether she opposes Kirk's candidacy. Kirk wrote to Malek that he seeks something "quick and decisive" from Palin and suggested the following: "Voters in Illinois have a key opportunity to take Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump struggles to win over voters reaping economic boom Michelle Obama weighs in on Trump, 'Squad' feud: 'Not my America or your America. It's our America' Media cried wolf: Calling every Republican a racist lost its bite MORE's Senate seat. Congressman Kirk is the lead candidate to do that."

We'll be watching and waiting to see if Palin approves of someone the Club for Growth does not. But what we know now is that despite a win by a Democrat in NY-23, no GOP candidate believes the conservative activists who backed Hoffman are ready to hang up their tea bags.

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