It’s a holistic pride within human nature that desires to shamelessly document all of our greatest victories with a sign of success for the world to see. The American flag on the moon is one of these glorious achievements that will be enshrined in history forever. This sentiment, which has been used to cultivate pride among nations, is being used against America with the building of the Ground Zero mosque. 

Americans, and especially the families of innocent victims of the terrorist attack, have been tortured enough. No proud American should stand by to allow salt to be thrown into the wounds of our great nation and people again.

President Obama, in his speech Friday night after a White House dinner, is siding with Muslims in his usual fashion of favoring sophisticated philosophy over humanity. Our president is clearly more impressed with hearing himself speak rather than sympathizing with the people of America — he just doesn’t get it.

I am not trying to advocate for the practice of one religion in our free nation. Rather, I would like our country to recognize the sensitivity of the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. Let Muslims build another mosque anywhere else they want to in America. Let them practice there and be free within the confines of American law. But don’t let them throw dirt into the face of Americans and deepen the main of their tragic loss on 9/11 by building a mosque facing Ground Zero.

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