OPINION: How liberals hijacked feminism and made it an 'elite' club
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Cosmopolitan Magazine, in an effort to “empower” women following Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonFormer Obama adviser Plouffe predicts 'historical level' of turnout by Trump supporters Poll: More Republican voters think party is more united than Democratic voters Whoopi Goldberg presses Sanders: 'Why are you still in the race?' MORE’s massive loss in November, recently published an article listing women who could someday be the first female president. “[Clinton’s] supporters — especially women — were crushed that she lost. America would not have a woman president yet,” the article dramatically proclaimed.

Rather than acknowledge that Clinton ran a weak campaign, Cosmo assumed she lost because of her gender. The glossy magazine then listed Democratic lawmakers and liberal women in the media (not caring to include even just one conservative), who could “break the glass ceiling” of misogyny to be the first female in the White House.

This article represents everything that is wrong with modern feminism. The movement, which claims to be a champion for all women, is no longer inclusive to those with conservative values. But perhaps more troubling is that the movement has largely morphed into an ugly, hostile mob that uses the term “feminist” to perpetuate false victimhood.


The champions of feminism, which include many mainstream figures on the left, regularly tell women that we don’t have the same opportunities as men. They say that we will have a harder time succeeding, making money, and gaining influence. We’ve been told by Hillary Clinton that as women we “face barriers that hold us back.”

But the vast majority of women aren’t buying what the feminist crowd is selling. Only 18 percent of women in the United States today consider themselves feminists. That is fewer than one in every five American women, folks.

Yet according to so-called feminists, life as a woman in this country is just so difficult. And “old white guys” are to blame, according to failed comedian Kathy Griffin. “This wouldn’t be happening to a guy,” Griffin said at a press conference through her tears, after facing criticism for her Trump beheading photo. Never mind that she made the choice to take graphic photos of herself holding the president’s decapitated head.

The future McDonald’s cashier highlighted an unfortunate truth: left-wing radicals today use the shield of feminism as a license for crass posturing and a means to “shock” precisely no one.

There’s a commonality between the fumblings of the make-believe comic and Clinton. The latter would be president of the United States right now if she only accepted responsibility for her actions. (The former could be president of her local ISIS reenactment club.) Both refuse to accept their mistakes and can only play the feminist card. Clinton even bullied victims of her husband’s sexual assaults. She’s not a role model for girls — she’s a role model for obstruction of justice.

Rather than take responsibility for her massive and embarrassing failure, Clinton blamed everyone and everything for losing the election, from former FBI Director James Comey to the Russians and fake Twitter bots to misogyny and more. She must have had a checklist that included everything but herself. Considering Clinton may be considering a third run in 2020, she brushed off any chance of learning from her defeats in 2008 and 2016. Even Democrats believe her excuses are enough.

If this woman will not accept responsibility for the management of her own campaign, how would she manage the federal government?

Women from across the left-wing spectrum — from socialism to socialism-lite — use feminism fakery to build their careers. Take Chuck SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerDemocrats press Trump, GOP for funding for mail-in ballots Schumer doubles down in call for Trump to name coronavirus supply czar Trump lashes out at Schumer over call for supply czar MORE’s relative Amy. Despite her well-known reputation for stealing jokes and still striking out, the comedienne calls anyone that isn’t a feminist “insane.” She’s also been accused of “whitewashing” the feminist movement in the bizarre hierarchy of oppression olympics.

Even the Huffington Post tires of Girls “star” Lena Dunham’s phony, phoned-in feminism, calling it as close to bourgeois as possible. Mic called it “white girl feminism at its worst.” In social justice warrior terms, that is to say not feminist at all, not intersected nor “woke” like Inuit women auto mechanics.

Samantha Bee follows the same tired trope, blaming “white people” for ruining the country after the election, and acting smug after being asked about smug liberals. The Los Angeles Times waxed effusively about her show being a refuge in the age of Trump, calling it a “feminist church.” While Bee’s ratings reflect this disconnect with reality, the emerging echo chambers of the left enable the show to continue on even as more popular shows like Last Man Standing are canceled for political reasons.

Clinton, Dunham, Griffin, Bee, and Schumer use feminism only as a crutch. The heartbeat of a vital movement was hijacked by the left for their own purposes. It’s no longer about equality, but being en vogue and sticking it to white, middle class society. Considering that segment is half women, it makes less sense as a rallying cry and more as a meaningless statement and virtue.

These women aren’t feminists, they’re poseurs. A true fighter for the concept’s original ideal of equality between the sexes would encourage women to work hard and to believe in their own responsibilities and destinies. Women don’t need men (through taxation by the government) to pay for their tampons.

Determined women like Ivanka Trump, Joni Ernst, and Sarah Palin are often subject of the most depraved attacks simply because they dare to be conservative women. Lena Dunham doesn’t have to worry about being yelled at on a plane, getting called a “wingnut,” or getting tackled on television. While the three aforementioned women hired workers and built local economies, the left’s feminist “stars” have done nothing to help the cause of their gender. And who gets attacked in the media and pop culture?

These trailblazing conservative women don’t need an excuse, nor a pat on the head from Cosmopolitan Magazine, in order to get ahead. Often they just need government control and fake social justice warriors out of the way first. These “alt-feminists” believe that the proof is in their self-made success. Their views might not be popular, but they’re far “edgier” than a Hollywood “elite” holding up a man’s severed head.

Kristin Tate is a conservative columnist and author of the book “Government Gone Wild: How D.C. Politicians Are Taking You For a Ride And What You Can Do About It.” She was recently named one of NewsMax’s “30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30.”

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