On the positive side, diversity brings together many varying points of view and perspectives, and all peoples benefit from such exposure, even if they don’t realize it at the time. Yet forced diversity is dangerous. It breeds resentment and a twisted form of hatred in itself. How many fights and even armed conflicts have been fought in the name of diversity, yet they were merely the sick plots of tyrants seeking homogeneous behavior? Forced diversity by the State always yields unintended consequences. Despite the best of intentions and pursuits of “political correctness,” these acts always miss the mark.

The most recent example of unintended consequences was certainly the Fort Hood tragedy. The assassin’s background and dubious associations were overlooked (some would say even swept under the rug) for fear the military would be branded as insensitive to and discriminatory against the Muslim faith.
Let’s be honest, we as a nation have come a long way in battling the gross abuses of civil rights every citizen is entitled to in this nation. The challenge for all of us today is to root out the residual effects of hatred due to discrimination against minorities, women, sexual orientation, age and whatever.

But we must do so CAREFULLY. We are addressing these concerns at the margin in many respects. No one is lynching African-Americans in the public square. Does that mean racism is dead? No, not any more than the election of a black president means the color barrier has been broken. There will still be pockets. But to look for diversity in places where merit should exist and thrive more abundantly is a fool’s errand, and often makes it more difficult to help the class diversity was first intended to benefit.

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