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Catholic bishops criticize Ryan budget for hurting the poor

I recently wrote here that Jesus would oppose the Paul Ryan budget
because of his harsh cuts that would seriously hurt the poor. Now, as
The Hill reports in an important story, the Catholic bishops have
criticized the Ryan budget for exactly the same reason I did. Supporters
of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ron Paul and House Republican leaders
should offer a major apology, not to me, but to the poor. My suggestion
that Jesus would oppose the Ryan budget was rooted in the teaching of
Jesus and Christian theology. Of course I do not know what Jesus would
say or do for sure, but now the Catholic bishops have spoken.

I will be glad to renew our debate here with any commenters who believe I was wrong, and who must believe the Catholic bishops are wrong as well.

{mosads}Throughout the New Testament, the teachings of the Judeo-Christian faiths and the teaching of great religions of the world there is a passionate love for the poor and passionate desire to help them.

Reasonable people can disagree about the best means to help the poor, but it is fraud and folly to hurt the poor and use Jesus as a rationale. Especially from those who proclaim their adoration of the proud atheist Ayn Rand. The right and their allies would be well-advised not to cite Jesus in support of hurting the poor, who Jesus loved so much.

I stand with the Catholic bishops about this.

To the right, I ask: Do you?

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